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  Schmitt Family

It was my Mom who first gave me an interest in learning more about my family history. She started collecting as much information as she could when she 'inherited' a lot of the old family photo albums and boxes of miscellaneous papers when my grandparents died. She started sorting and categorizing and wound up hooked (as so many of us do!).

That was before the internet, and genealogy research meant trying to piece together information written on old fading photos, from birth certificates and old letters, writing letters to family to glean bits and pieces of what they knew and physically searching libraries, etc. She started writing to extended family members in other countries and asking if they might be able to fill in some of the missing pieces in her family history research. She eventually developed quite a correspondence with family members also interested in genealogy and that helped quite a bit.

By this time she'd enlisted my help in some of this research and I started slowly getting 'sucked in' :-) Those of you who have become hooked know exactly what I mean! Putting the puzzle pieces together, following up remote leads and suddenly finding a fascinating fact about a long dead relative, being able to fill in the details for one more generation can quickly become addictive.

As my Mom's health grew worse, I decided I'd gather everything together and put it in printed form that would be easy for her to read. This was at the same time that I got my first computer, so I was able to use not only Genealogy software but access research records worldwide. Being able to use genealogy software and exchange information quickly with email, enabled me to pull everything together and print it out for my Mom. It meant a lot to me that I was able to complete it for her before she died.

As I've had the time, I've continued my research and eventually incorporated it into this site which is database driven and uses 'The Next Generation' software. Darren Lythgoe (the developer of TNG) shares the love of genealogy so many of us have, and developed this program to make it easier to put our research online and add to it as we find new facts.

Recently a family member shared a lot of her own research with me (Thank you SO much, Lisa! :-) ) and really stirred my interest again. I've also found new avenues of research from Pinterest users that love genealogy. If you haven't heard of Pinterest yet, it's a fun way to collect and share information on all sorts of interests.

I'm hoping to find the time to pursue some of those maddening 'dead ends' we all run into and to start being more active in updating this site. Happy hunting to all you other 'genealogy nuts'! :-)


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